"Back to Basics" - Sermon Series

“Back to Basics” - New Sermon Series Starts December 27th!

Vince Lombardi, the famous football coach, said that “excellence is achieved by mastery of the fundamentals.” It is not the constant chasing of the new and emerging that fosters growth and development (although we should always be learning), but a recommitment of ourselves in an ongoing way to the basics.

The end of one year and the begin of another provides a good time to recalibrate. So, from December 27-January 31, we are going to revisit the fundamentals of life as a Christian on mission with the church. In addition to a few sermons from special guests, we will be looking at three core elements:

1. Commitment

It all starts with commitment - to Jesus and His church. In two sermons, we will explore the commitment to discipleship with Jesus (December 27) and the commitment to membership with His church (January 3).

2. Connection

“It is not good for man to be alone.” We were made for connection to others. Therefore, God has placed us in biological and spiritual families. On January 10, we will talk about what it means to connect as a biological family spiritually. On January 17, we will talk about how to connect spiritually as a church family.

3. Commission

As life lived for Jesus is a life given away to others. We express our love to Jesus by our love for others. And, our love for others is manifested in ministry and mission. On January 24, we will talk about serving our brothers and sisters in ministry. On January 31, we will talk about sharing the gospel with our family, friends and neighbors.

Join us in prayer as we pray, plan, prepare, proclaim, and practice the glorious basics!

December 27 - Back to Basics: Disciples - Pastor Mark Redfern

January 3 - Back to Basics: Members - Pastor Jonathan Christman

January 10 - Back to Basics: Worshippers - Sam Nocita 

January 17 - Back to Basics: Family - Pastor Mark Redfern

January 24 - Back to Basics: Servants - Pastor Jonathan Christman

January 31 - Back to Basics: Witness - Dave Harvey (Guest Preacher)

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