This Week @ HBC (June 22-28)


Here's a list of upcoming events for June 22-28.

HBC Re-Gathering Plan (Summer 2020)

Here's an update regarding our "phases" of re-gathering as a church. Please make note of the dates below. We are currently in "Phase 2" but will moving through Phases 3-4 over the course of the summer, D.V.

PHASE 1 (Mid-May-Mid-June):

May 24: Addition of In-Person Sunday Morning Worship

June 5: Addition of In-Person  Small Groups

PHASE 2 (Mid-Late June):

June 21: Addition of Sunday School and Nursery

June 24: Addition of Mid-Week Prayer Meeting  

PHASE 3 (July):

July 5: Addition of Lord's Supper Sunday Evening Service

July 19: Addition of 3rd Sunday Evening Worship Service

PHASE 4 (August):

August 5: Addition of Mid-Week Meal

August 19: Addition of Heritage Kids and Wednesday Nursery​​​​​​​


Mid-Week Prayer Meeting - Wednesday, June 24 - 6:30pm

We will be resuming our in-person mid-week prayer meeting in the HBC Learning Center at 6:30. Please come if you're able to participate! 

NOTE: We will not be resuming mid-week nursery, meal or Heritage Kids until August. 

Gospel Project Sunday School Classes - Sunday, June 28 - 9:30-10:15

Volume 8: Jesus the Servant

Unit 22: Jesus the Healer (Mark, Luke, John)

  • Adults & Students: "Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind" (John 9)
  • Preschool & Kids: "Jesus Healed a Man Who Was Blind" (John 9)

Sunday Morning Worship  - Sunday, June 28 - 10:30-12:00 

This Sunday, we will continue our summer sermon series on the theme of Pleasing God. This week's sermon"The Gospel Pleases God: The Wide and Narrow Lens of God's Work in Christ" (Colossians 1:15-23). For those unable to or uncomfortable with re-gathering at this time, you can also join us online at 10:30 at our church's Youtube pageFacebook page or Website

HBC Mobile Application

Download the Heritage App for access to audio and video sermons, livestream, church calendar, the Bible, notes, and giving. Be sure to turn on notifications so you can receive occasional text messages. 


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