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Loving God and Neighbor In Everyday Life


“Loving God and Neighbor in Everyday Life” | Exodus 20:22-23:19

 God’s people should walk humbly. (20:22-26; 23:10-19) 


 God’s people should love mercy. (21:1-11; 22:21-23:9)


 God’s people should do justly. (21:12-22:20)



Application Questions:

In what ways does walking humbly with God enable us to be compassionate and just towards others? Why is this the indispensable ingredient to loving others well?

In what ways does this passage challenge you to love your neighbor better? How does this passage convict you regarding what it means to truly love others?

How does this passage point us to the life and death of Jesus? How does Jesus embody so much of what this text teaches? In what ways does this encourage you?