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The Tabernacle: God Dwells Among Us

Title: The Tabernacle: God Dwells Among Us
Text: Exodus 25-27


1. The Construction of the Tabernacle

2. The Communication of the Tabernacle

3. The Consummation of the Tabernacle

Application Questions:

1. Which aspect of the tabernacle’s design, and what it points to, particularly resonates with you today?
2. Imagine someone said to you, “What is the point of thinking about the tabernacle? It was where God lived among his ancient people, and that’s all we need to know.” What would you say? Relate the tabernacle to the following realities: Eden, Mount Sinai, Jesus, Christian, Church and New Heavens and New Earth.
3. What impacted you the most from what you heard today? Why? How might God be calling you to respond?