Confessing: The Heart-Steadying Truth of Sovereignty

May 17, 2020 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: Learning to Lament

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Lamentations 5:1–22

“Confessing: The Heart-Steadying Truth of Sovereignty” 

Lamentations 5


  1. The Difficulty with Hope (5:1-18)




  1. The Content of Hope (5:19)




  1. The Resolve to Hope (5:20-22)



Application Questions:


  1. What is something you learned during this series on lament or ways this series has helped you? What’s something that remains unclear to you, confusing, or is just hard to live out? How have you grown in knowing how to lament before the Lord during this series? What’s something you’d like to continue to do or take away moving forward? 


  1. In 5:19, we see the author again return to the bedrock of God’s sovereignty, permanence, and steadfastness. Why do you think those are so important during times of suffering or catastrophe? 


  1. What is the great hope for the person experiencing God’s seeming absence in their life (5:21)? Why do you think the author asked for restoration and renewal rather than just the reversal of the predicaments expressed earlier in the chapter? 


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