Understanding the Will of the Lord

June 14, 2020 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: What God Wants

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Ephesians 5:8–17

Title: “Understanding the Will of the Lord”
Text: Ephesians 5:8-17
  1. God’s Will of Decree
  1. God’s Will of Desire
  1. God’s Will of Direction
Application Questions:
  1. When we speak of God’s will, what do we mean? In what ways is the discussion of God’s will somewhat complicated?
  1. What are the main differences between God’s will of decree, desire and direction? How are we to live and think about these various aspects of God’s will? 
  1. What does it mean for you practically to acknowledge God’s will of decree, obey his will of desire, and seek His will of direction? How does this relate to pleasing the Lord?

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