When Godly People Disagree

September 6, 2020 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: 2020 Independent Messages

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Acts 15:36–41

When Godly People Disagree: The Weakness of God’s Servants and the Wonder of God’s Grace
Acts 15:36-41
  1. The Context of the Disagreement (v. 36)
  1. The Nature of the Disagreement (v. 37-38)
  1. The Result of the Disagreement (v. 39-41)
Application Questions:
1. "Disagreements between Christians are to be expected.” In  what way does this truth teach us to think and respond when disagreement comes? 
2. "God overrules our disagreements for greater good.” In what ways do we see this play out in the story of Barnabas and Paul? How should this truth give us hope in the face of disagreement? 
3. "Sometimes what begins poorly ends really well.” Where have you seen God redeem disagreement in your life? How might He be calling you to address it now?

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