Discipleship Classes


Sunday Classes

Learning plays a vital role in spiritual life. As we learn the gospel rightly we begin to experience wonder, love, and praise. When our hearts are refreshed by knowledge of God our lives begin to change, our community changes, and the culture around us is affected for good. The purpose of these classes is to facilitate holistic biblical learning through classroom environments. We think about it in three ways: to mature our members by cultivating their head, heart and hands.


Learning the gospel rightly doesn’t just fill us with information. It fills us with dependent trust in the living God. To that end, we provide classes that focus on gospel theology in order to clearly display Jesus Christ so that he might convince us to believe him more deeply. Through faithful teaching, we are seeking to grow the faith of our members.


A right understanding of the gospel fills us with love for God and brother. To that end, we provide classes that focus on the dynamics for living the Christian life – in the church and in the world. We want to learn how to love like God loves.


The gospel gives us great hope for this world because we know Jesus is redeeming it. Jesus has victory now and will have final victory on the last day. This gives us hope for transformation in our present situation. To that end, we provide classes that focus on engaging our culture, impacting our neighborhoods, and reaching our friends for Christ.


There will be anywhere from five to fifty people in a class and will be taught by a one of our gifted teachers at Heritage Baptist Church. There will be some instruction, and lots of discussion. Sometimes, there will be some out-of-class reading. Think of it as a great opportunity to learn with other people from the church that you might not normally interact with.

Join us for our Discipleship Class on Sundays during the hour before worship (9:30-10:15). 



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