God's Church in Satan's City: The Danger of Cultural Compromise

January 3, 2021 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: The End

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Revelation 2:12–17

“God’s Church in Satan’s City: The Danger of Cultural Compromise” 
Revelation 2:12-17
1. When the church is convictional and courageous, Jesus commends us (v. 12-13). 
2. When the church is complicit and compromising, Jesus confronts us (v. 14-15). 
3. When the church is contrite and conquering, Jesus comforts us (v. 16-17). 
Application Questions:
  1. Why is compromise such a deceptive and dangerous temptation for the church?
  2. How might we be tempted to compromise our moral convictions in the name of open-mindedness and tolerance
  3. What steps can we take to protect ourselves and our church from compromising theologically or morally? 

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