The Church of the Walking Dead: The Danger of Empty Reputation

January 17, 2021 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: The End

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Revelation 3:1–6

Title: “The Church of the Walking Dead: The Danger of Empty Reputation"
Text: Revelation 3:1-6 
  1. Underplay the external (v. 1-2). 
  1. Cultivate the internal (v. 3). 
  1. Pursue the eternal (v. 4-6). 
Application Questions:
  1. Should a church strive to have a good reputation? How can a reputation actually hide weaknesses in a church?
  2. What instructions would you give for a dying church? How do they line up with what Jesus says in this passage?
  3. Why is repentance not merely for the beginning of the Christian life? How do the promises of God and the gospel encourage us to remain faithful to Him? 

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