Big Encouragement for Little Churches: The Danger of Giving Up

January 24, 2021 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: The End

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Revelation 3:7–13

“Big Encouragement for Little Churches: The Danger of Giving Up”
Revelation 3:7-13
  1. Focus on your Savior, not your size (v. 7) 
2. Focus on your opportunities, not your opposition (v. 8-9). 
3. Focus on your provision, not your pain (v. 10-11). 
4. Focus on your future, not your fears (v. 12-13). 
Application Questions:
  1. How can our church cultivate a greater sense of the awesomeness of Christ? What practical impact would this have on us?
  2. The church at Philadelphia had “little power” or influence, yet they had an “open door.” How does this encourage you in your mission to make Christ known?
  3. The Lord promises future vindication for His church. How does this vision give you strength to remain faithful to Christ?

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