Get Out While You Can!

May 2, 2021 Speaker: Mark Redfern Series: The End

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Revelation 17:1–18

“Get Out While You Can!”
Revelation 17:1-18
1. See the unbelieving world for what it is (17:1-6). 
2. Realize the unbelieving world is coming to an end (17:6-14).
3. Know the unbelieving world will eventually destroy itself (17:14-18). 
Application Questions:
  1. In what ways are you tempted and secured by this world? In what ways does it call you to pursue what is offered to you “here and now” in this fallen world and minimize what is offered “there and later” in the new heavens and new earth?
  1. How does the twin reality that this unbelieving world is coming to end and the fact that it will eventually destroy itself help you (1) to fight against sin and (2) persevere in following Jesus? 

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