Ministry That Pleases God

August 9, 2020 Speaker: HD Series: What God Wants

Topic: AM Sermon Passage: Romans 14:1– 15:7


I. Take time to understand one another

II. Be Humble as you live together in understanding

III. Serve others as Christ did for us


Application Questions

1. What are some areas that you need to apply these principles to in your life right now?

2. Where have you been judgmental or disregarded your brothers or sisters in these areas?

3. How can you pursue righteousness, peace and joy with those whom you have disagreed?

4. What can you lay aside in order to welcome those you have disagreed with on these matters?

5. How can you apply these principles to better welcome unbelievers into your life?

6. Who might you pray for that you could win them to Christ?


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